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  1. Have you found a photographer for your wedding yet? I’m an Wedding Photographer (in Australia) who may be in America at the time of your wedding. I was touched by your story and would be happy to come through for you… For FREE. Nothing concrete, but we can talk about it and maybe sort something out once I have my dates sorted. Otherwise, if you’ve got one already, congratulations and hope you have a fantastic wedding :-). God bless 🙂

  2. Hey Michael, I just read your Why I Don’t Love My Fiance post – amazing stuff! It’s reassuring to see another 21 year old college kid with my same values.

    I am also a wordpress blogger and a Junior at the University of Dallas, pretty close to SMU. We have really similar blogging styles.

    I have a condition called cystic fibrosis and the mission of my blog is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. Mainly I write about the redemptive and salvific quality of my sickness and how I can unite it with Christ’s suffering in order to lead souls to Him.

    You’re a great writer – keep blogging, man!

  3. Your blog is very inspiring. Im also a newly wed, my husband and I are both 22 and got married when I was 22 and he was 21 (1 week before his birthday). I dont know you but after reading your blog I have to say God Bless you and your fiance. There’s no better relationship than one thats built on the love of christ. If you prayed about it from the beginning you’re on the right path. My husband and I prayed before we got together while we were still dating and even now as a married couple. As young as we are and still in school as well God has worked wonders for us so keep doing what you’re doing. May God continue to minister to you and your wife and bless you abundantly. GOD BLESS.

  4. So much wisdom at such a young age- beautifully written. I have a 3 and 5 year old daughter and pray daily that God be equipping their future husbands accordingly. My ideal son-in-law will speak these exact truths you’ve just spoken. Well done and God bless you, your fiance, and your marriage!

  5. Don’t let it be said that wisdom is resigned for older folks! Young man this will hold your marriage better than super glue. Refer to this post always during the years to come. In fact, print it, frame it, and present it to your fiancé as a wedding present. Hang it on the walls of your homes and refer to it often-particularly when life’s challenges and difficult times arise. Blessings to you both. She made a fantastic choice!

  6. Hi Michael. I just wanted to say congratulations. I read through many of your latest articles and I’m in a very similar boat as well. My fiance and I are getting married right after college graduation and are both in the Army. Just wanted to give you some encouragement that there are others out there in a similar boat. 100 days to go for us! Thank you for the encouragement you have given us by sharing your thoughts! Much better than the Catholic Marriage Prep we have been doing.

  7. my first time reading your blog …
    lol Its really awesome that you could put your Christianity into play . I like that . A lot of the things you said got me . Well I have this to say “when we leave this world, all that will matter is our spiritual investment and not our looks/money, it’s REALLY good that you acknowledge that change exists & even better that you put God first (in your choice to love) & remember what matthew 6:33 says…. so yeahh ..

  8. Hey man you should consider putting Google AdSense and Webmaster Tools on your page. You’re probably getting a lot of hits on this blog right now and that can bring in a couple of bucks if you do it right. Email me if you need any help! 🙂

  9. Hello! Found your blog today and wanted to let you now I appreciate your thoughts. I really took to heart the one about mindset and about how you choose to love your fiance. I think both are great food for thought =).

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